Saturday, November 26, 2011

The thing about Joy...

It's been a while since I last posted, there is not much reason for this except that I have not had much to say.

It seems appropriate that God would be teaching me now about being thankful and rejoicing. For the last few weeks all I have heard is to rejoice and be thankful in everything. Sounds pretty simple...until you realize he means to be the same kind of thankful and joyful over the things that hurt and frustrate us as we are over the things that naturally brings a smile to our faces. As I have said before, in my short 24 years I have not experienced much real pain or suffering, but what I have experienced I know the things that are painful and seem to cripple me emotionally and spiritually definitely don't bring a joyful or thankful heart. It brings a doubting questioning heart. "Why me?" "What now?!" "Why not them?" These are incorrect responses... ;)
I read this in a newsletter I subscribe to called Wisdom Hunters
"Do not allow mistreatment or inequities to rob your joy. God will one day judge with equity. His days seem longer than ours, so be patient. Turn off the depressing songs of Satan. He is a joy killer. Reject His joyless tunes. Instead, tune in to your trustworthy Savior Jesus. Sing at the top of your lungs to the Lord. Sing the new song Christ has composed. His Holy Spirit harmonizes your life with joy and peace. So sing. Sing, for you are joyful for what He has done. Sing, for you are joyful for what He is doing. Sing, for you are joyful for what He will do. The coming judgment of Jesus brings joy to Jesus’s followers. Radically rejoice. Be joyful in Jesus."

I think that says it all.